Hydrocarbon is an energy, minerals and resource providing company established in July 1999. It is a Government owned company of Bangladesh. It supplies all necessary oil, gas, mineral resources and materials required for the development of Bangladesh. It aims to provide views/comments to international and regional organizations on different issues pertaining to Energy Sector. The mission of hydro carbon is to assist Energy and Mineral Resources Division in achieving energy security by providing updated data and analysis of primary and alternative energy and mineral resources.

Visit Website:http://hcu.org.bd/

Energy, Minerals and Resource Division


AGV was given the responsibility to make a dashboard for Hydrocarbon by which they can monitor their data in different graphical interface. They wanted to keep a track on their raw data through various graphical interface which would provide the decision makers identify their records properly in a convenient way.

  1. Keeps details of different sectors
  2. Keeps records of the companies related to it and their information
  3. View Graphs, Samples that can be edited or import.
  4. Shows Slides, Status, Users, Activities, Galleries, Notice, Settings
  5. Can Carry Feedback
  6. View graphical interface data
  7. Can show daily, monthly, yearly Production, Distribution, Supply, Import

Technology: PHP(Laravel), MYSQL, JQUERY, AJAX, JavaScript

After sale Service and Consultation: Still ongoing along with 24/7 facility