Point of Sale

It is an online point of sale system designed to help small businesses with POS tracking of customers, inventory and sales. This program works great for retail businesses that use cash, check or account numbers in their POS transactions.

Point of Sale

User-Friendly interface, on-screen and real-time item info sheet. Perform all the usual POS operations faster without any keying errors.

Supplier Management

Manage suppliers and their price lists. Know what to discount and what to re-order. Get all the data you need to improve your purchasing.

Item Management

Get the right item at the right store & in the right quantity. Create and track items easily with category management and item kits.

Employee Management

Make employee accountable for their time and their actions. Measure their performance. Know what they are doing. Make sure that each of your employees can only see and perform what he is expected of him with our roles based user control feature.

Customer Management

Create customer profile. Get shopping insights. Engage them. Encourage your customers to purchase more with a loyalty program. Manage Gift cards and coupons.

Multiple Store Management

Manage all your stores centrally and with ease. Share a common item and inventory file. No data and work duplication. Allow multiple tax rates and price lists.