[tek_contentbox cb_title=”STATIC WEBSITE DEVELOPMENT” cb_content_text=”A static website contains Web pages with fixed content. Static sites are the most basic type of website and that can be built by simply creating a few HTML pages. Shobarjonnoweb, offers Static Website starting from 5000/- BDT and delivers it by 3 Days after final theme selection and content handover.” icon_type=”icon_browser” cb_custom_link=”box-link” icon_iconsmind=”iconsmind-Address-Book2″]
[tek_contentbox cb_title=”DYNAMIC WEB DEVELOPMENT” cb_content_text=”Dynamic websites are more interactive, functional and easy to update.There are many features of a dynamic website that include Content Management, e-commerce, discussions, dashboards & many others. Shobarjonnoweb, offers subscription based payment process for building large scaled multi features website to its client.” icon_type=”icon_browser” cb_custom_link=”box-link” icon_iconsmind=”iconsmind-Cube-Molecule2″]
[tek_contentbox cb_title=”CMS WEBSITE DESIGN” cb_content_text=”It’s beneficial for any small to mid-size business to start using an enterprise-ready CMS Website right at the beginning because What your business might not use today could be a crucial facet tomorrow. Shobarjonnoweb, offers secure, stable and easily upfradable WordPress Solutions to its client.” icon_type=”icon_browser” cb_custom_link=”box-link” icon_iconsmind=”iconsmind-Check”]